Yahallo! I’m Vidhu Kant. I’m the premium version of your local dumbass because somehow I have gained the knowledge of altering the beeps and boops of a computer and my soul now belongs to Linus Torvalds. I sometimes make videos, though I haven’t settled down on a theme yet (sadly). You can find me on Odysee and YouTube.

About Me

I’m interested in cyber security and shit because it sounds cool; I also like functional programming because it sounds cool; also I love reading manga because it sounds cool.

“I may or may not have a carrot in place of a brain.”
— Vidhu Kant, 2023

I love reading (mostly fiction) and learning new languages. I plan to one day be fluent in like, 5 languages; Let’s see if I can do that! (spoiler alert: I’m gonna forget about this.)
I hope I can one day be as cool as Bocchi from “Bocchi the Rock” and be able to play the guitar. But right now, I’m just as introverted as Bocchi from “Bocchi the Rock” without the cute anime girl and the guitar part.