Laptops are Good!

| ~2 minute read

I consider myself a PC guy (though I don't have one) because I want control on my hardware. What I mean by that is I want to choose exactly the configuration I need which sometimes isn't possible with laptops. Not to mention laptops are less performant, have worse thermals and the battery life on a gaming laptop is always shit.

But there are some good things included with a portable yet fully featured PC!

Currently, I'm down with fever yet I am writing this post while tucked in my bed. I want to thank this technology that helped me open up neovim to write this post, use zola to turn this post into an HTML document, and use rsync to upload the HTML onto my web server, from the comfort of my bed!

Surely there are ways to write a blog from phone (not that I need to write a post when I am sick but I want to) but I prefer typing on a physical keyboard whenever possible. I just am not good with touch screen technology, I always want physical feedback. If I had a PC I'd have to get to my desk in order to write this post. Which I don't mind at all most of the times but right now I just have enough energy to pass the time by doing shit on my laptop, but I honestly would rather die than get up because my whole body hurts when I move.

Yet I'm hella bored and will now continue to learn rust. That too, from the comfort of my bed.

So with that, thank you laptops!

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