I Created a Blog!

| ~2 minute read

Yos I have finally done it

This is sort of like a test for my blog, generated with hugo, pog stuff. This has been a journey. This is like the third iteration of my blog. First one was blog.vidhukant.xyz which no longer exists. It was not a static site, it was a server side rendered web app written in go. It looked awesome but I got bored pretty quickly. (also writing markdown is better)

Second time I decided to just write my blog in plain html which was a horrible, horrible idea and now on third iteration now we have this! A static site built with hugo.

The "philosophy" behind this blog

Seems cool doesn't it?

Yea that's it. I like talking to likeminded people online, but social media is tiring (and evil!) so I just created my own blog! Hopefully I write at least a few useful posts. I totally see this going into either a doujin review site or me just shilling free software.

What are these GIFs on the bottom?

This seems to be a trend from the 90s, you'd add different GIFs linking to other websites that you like. I wasn't even born at that time so I obviously haven't seen this trend in all of its glory, but hey these things are fun so I'll add it. If you also have a website (preferably a "minimal" one) (wait does this one count as minimal?) do add my "web button" to your site!

Thanks to landchad.net

I learned many things from landchad.net, like setting up a nginx frontend server, firewalls, rsync and stuff. Really neat site, I recommend checking out. Also lol check out my youtube channel because why not. At this moment there aren't any videos because I deleted my old channel and this is a brand new one. But stay tuned for some quality content!

Check out the latest projects I've been working on

MAL2Go is a very neat API Wrapper that lets you use the MyAnimeList API using Go. macli is an awesome CLI-Based BASED MyAnimeList unofficial client so you don't have to look at a web page (eww)

And I'm already shilling software.