Website Domain Change (and letting go of

| ~1 minute read

If you've been a reader of this website for more than a few months ago, you might know that I have 3 domains:

Being the domain-hoarder I am, I got another domain!!! It's because of course everyone wants a .com domain nowadays.

I am changing the website's main domain to because of course I am. This won't really change anything since I don't plan to ever cancel, and it'll always be redirecting to For now still redirects to this website but I plan to change that one day (yes I plan to maintain 2 websites im weird)

Also, I no longer have because my allowance only supports 3 domains. If there is any activity on, please note that it's not me. I know just letting go of a domain like that is not that good of an idea, but fuck it. For my email, if anyone is wondering, it doesn't matter if you write to me on or, They're all reaching the same mailbox anyways.