sexy anime header (just for aesthetics; I don't own this but can use this.. I think)

These are the images/gifs on this website that I don’t own the rights for:

The anime images on this website are taken from Danbooru

The anime images on this website are taken from which is an image board website.
Danbooru’s Terms of Service allows me to distribute the images uploaded by users.

Where you can find such images

These are the images on my website that are taken from Danbooru.

If not specified otherwise, I own the rights all of the other images.
All the images and text on this website are under the CC BY-NC-SA license unless stated otherwise on this page or anywhere else.

I have permission to use all these images

To the best of my knowledge, I have the permission to host and use these images/gifs on my website. If you think there is a mistake, please contact me and state a reason why you think I should take these images down.

The images listed on these page are NOT covered by the Creative Commons license like the rest of the content on this website. Check with the owners of these images if you want to know if you can use these images on your own project or not.